Gabor Richter

Some know him as the personal of Calvin Hollywood, the other than as a creative artist with partly really unusual and creative approaches.

Gabor is a fan of the creative art to him the reality in the pictures is often too dull. Most of his work he creates in Photoshop, while the photographic part is rather a means to an end.

Originally the artist with half Hungarian blood comes from the digital media design and therefor he has a great knowledge in the area of Design and creation. He combines this foreknowledge now with his freestyle abilities of retouching and provides surprises over and over again with his pictures.

“If Gabor explains one has the feeling to be on the same wavelength. It looks familiar and absolutely friendly. Plausibly as well as authentically”, these are the words of his mentor Calvin.

The one seeing in Gabor only the assistant of Calvin is wrong. The both are complementary to another and Gabor has a lot of independent Photoshop technics, he uses to create unusual results.

Gabor has an amount of talent and you can learn a lot from him. In only one week he has taught himself Cinema 4D and sometimes he working the whole night to give his visions a picture. Photoshop is the suitable tool for that and Gabor benefit from that perfectly.