Beauty Retouching Workflow

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KIND: Onlinetraining (Download)
TOPIC: Beauty Retouching
TRAINER: Calvin Hollywood
Running Time:            ca. 90 min
SOFTWARE: Photoshop CS6
TARGET GROUP:        Beginner / Advanced
FILESIZE:             1,0 Gigabyte /mp4 ffffffffffFFffffffffffffffff


Beauty Retouching Workflow

Hey guys, you asked for it so here it is!!!!
A Brand New Retouching Class from Calvin Hollywood where he takes you through his entire Beauty Retouching Workflow.

Now, this isn’t a 5 to 10 hours high end retouching class; this beauty retouching class is for people who want to achieve stunning results but by spending no more than one hour on an image.
Calvin has held nothing back as this class is packed full of his retouching and workflow techniques so that you too can learn what it takes, apply what you’ve learned and go on to achieve the same stunning results on your own images.



The training contains

  • 01 Intro  (04:43)
  • 02 Photography Part (11:06)
  • 03 Raw Workflow Part I (05:21)
  • 04 Raw Workflow Part II (04:52)
  • 05 Body Shaping (06:43)
  • 06 Basic Retouching (04:16)
  • 07 Frequency Seperation Part I (07:31)
  • 08 Frequency Seperation Part II (08:37)
  • 09 Powder the skin (08:51)
  • 10 Dodge and burn (08:13)
  • 11 Adjusting the Color (05:56)
  • 12 Painting Highlights (03:43)
  • 13 Glow Effect (03:12)
  • 14 Eye Retouching (04:41)
  • 15 2080 (05:56)
  • 16  Final Words (02:10)

Having watched the class you’ll not just  know Calvin Hollywood’s signature beauty retouching workflow but you’ll understand the how, why and when each of the techniques can be used to take your own retouching to the next level…and fast! One import thing though…make sure you have a basic understanding of layers and masks before you watch.

Useful Information:

  • All retouching is done using Photoshop CS6 however all the techniques are possible in earlier versions too.
  • The duration of the class is about 1,5 hours and after purchasing the training you’ll receive a download link giving you access to all the chapters, the raw and the psd file with all the layers.
  • For watching the tutorials we recommend you download the Free, VLC player, and of course if you have a tablet like an iPad for example, you can also import the movie files into iTunes to watch them later ‘on the go’.

If you have any questions regarding this or any other training classes then feel free to contact us.


You can find more of Calvin’s trainings here:

25,- EURO INCL. Taxes