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KIND: Onlinetraining (Download)
TOPIC: Retouching
TRAINER: Calvin Hollywood
Running Time:            ca. 90 min
SOFTWARE: Photoshop CS6
TARGET GROUP:        Advanced
FILESIZE:             1,45 Gigabyte /mp4 ffffffffffffffffffffffffff


End Times – no more rain

In this training Calvin Hollywood shows detailed the retouch of the picture End Time -no more rain. Main topics are compositing and picture style.

This training is not designed for the beginner, who wants to learn about basics in Photoshop. Also it is not for the purist searching for realism in each and every pixel.



This training is dedicated to the Photoshop freak interested in each step how to create such a compositing. And if you know this single steps you will recognize how easy it is.

Here are the chapters of the training

  • Intro
  • The Photography Part (06:37)
  • Raw Conversion (05:57)
  • Creating the compositing Part I (06:13)
  • Creating the compositing Part II (06:58)
  • Adjusting the color / contrast (06:19)
  • Painting with light (04:06)
  • Adding a color cast (06:26)
  • Creating the Look – Details (07:13)
  • Creating the Look – Contrast (04:41)
  • Creating the Look – Light (05:40)
  • The final color cast (06:48)
  • 2080 (06:40)
  • Edit Layer in Raw (03:58)
  • Preparing the image for the web (04:33)

The tools for this training are “Photoshop CS6″, “Color Efex Pro 4″ and “Topaz Detail”. Around 90 percent of the training could be realized with older Photoshop versions.

This training is one of the highlights of Calvin Hollywood videotrainings and shows a bunch of interesting technics. It is not made for learning different kind of technics, it’s more balancing the right technics to get a balanced and good looking retouch.

After purchasing the training you will get a link to the download of the whole training. Additionally, the package includes the original files, the background and the Photoshop file with all layers.

For watching the training we recommend the free of charge VLC player.

If you have any questions regarding this training feel free to contact us.


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