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KIND: Onlinetraining (Download)
TOPIC: Retouching
TRAINER: Calvin Hollywood
Running Time:            ca. 96 min
SOFTWARE: Photoshop CS6
TARGET GROUP:        Beginner / Advanced
FILESIZE:             1,0 Gigabyte /mp4 ffffffffffffffffffffffffff


Quang - Calvinized Business Portraits

In this class Clavin Hollywood shows the production of a free work. He combines business photography with his typical retouching techniques. Topic is the creation of a business portrait in front of a white backdrop, which later will be retouched in a way to get an interesting edgy look.

In this training you get the chance to see all parts of the realisation from A to Z. Everything will be explained in detail.

This training has has following parts …

  • 01 Intro
  • 02 The Model (03:42)
  • 03 The Lighting (04:52)
  • 04 Camera Settings (03:10)
  • 05 The photography part (05:48)
  • 06 Raw Conversion (08:50)
  • 07 Getting Details with PS (07:38)
  • 08 Getting Details with Nik (09:00)
  • 09 Body Shaping (03:56)
  • 10 Retouching (08:25)
  • 11 Composition (04:00)
  • 12 Dodge and burn (13:15)
  • 13 Adjusting the eyes (03:15)
  • 14 2080 (10:45)
  • 15 Speed Retouching (06:50)
  • 16 Thank you (02:23)



This training is for beginner but as well as advanced user who are interested in this kind of retouching style. This training is not only for showing new techniques it’s more for how to use known techniques to get an meaningful and harmonic workflow.

The retouching was done in Photoshop CS6 and NikSoftware Color Efex Pro 4 but 90% can as well be done in older versions of Photoshop without Plugins.

After purchasing the training you will get a link to the download of the whole training. Additionally, the package includes the original RAW file and the Photoshop file with all layers.

We recommend the free of charge VLC player to watch the training. It is also possible to import the movies chapter wise in iTunes to watch them for example on an iPad.

If you have any questions regarding this training feel free to contact us.


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25,- EURO INCL. Taxes