Hint: These General Business Terms and Conditions shall apply to all agreements related to Calvin Hollywood Photography, owner Calvin Hollywood.
General terms and conditions of use for offers on the Calvin Hollywood Photography’s website. Subject to modifications and errors expected.

The seller is Calvin Hollywood Photography, Fohlenweide 16, 68723 Oftersheim. Hereafter referred to as “Seller”.

Online video trainigs.

1. The purchase price agreed upon for the ordered Online Training shall be the price stated upon the Seller’s web site. The Customer must immediately pay the purchase price without any discounts and without imposing any transaction fees on the Seller. Currency-related regulations must be adhered to. The Customer must pay any charges for currency exchange. The Customer may not offset his or her own claims against the Seller’s.

2. The Customer acknowledges that third-party rights, particularly copyrights and other intellectual property rights, apply to the purchased goods. He or she is required to use the purchased goods only in accordance with the agreement and/or applicable law and to strictly comply with any licensing terms and conditions. This applies in particular to any linguistic work, including software, databases as well as image, video and/or audio material. This shall apply to the Seller’s rights with regard to his or her web site and its contents, such as texts, graphics, logos, trademarks, titles, programs, price lists, databases and other products and services.

3. Guarantee and liability: The materials contained in the on-line training like programmes or program parts, are planned exclusively for practise and demonstration purposes and may not be used in production surroundings, in particular in areas relevant for security.

This disclaimer of liability is also valid for claims against employees, employees, organs or fulfilment assistants.

Calvin Hollywood Photography assumes no liability for technical disturbances of the web shop. Calvin Hollywood Photography also reserves himself a closing of the webshop at any time; but this without prejudice to already active contracts. In spite of all care and application for actual technology Calvin Hollywood Photography can give no guarantee for the everytime accessibility of his servers. The passing failure or passing unattainableness of these servers do not entitle the customer, hence, to the resignation or to compensation claims.

Calvin Hollywood Photography takes care of the correctness of the contents transmitted to the customers and recommendations and of equipment as well as maintenance of the technical company readiness to the full extent. Anyhow it cannot be guaranteed. A liability for damages of every kind, in particular by incorrect contents and recommendations, technical failures or other inadequacy is excluded. This is also valid for achievements of third who are offered to the participants.

4. Processing of personal data and other conditions: The participant agrees with the processing of his personal data, as far as this is necessary for the purpose of this contract. Should a regulation not correspond to valid right, is valid the juridically allowed regulation which comes to the sense of the regulation next. The remaining regulations of the Terms and Conditions remain valid from this untouched. Legal venue is Mannheim. The contract is defeated by the right of the Federal Republic of Germany.

5. Prices: As a purchase price for the ordered products and licences that is valid as agreed which arises from the topical information on our web page or from our prospectuses, price-lists etc. With writing mistakes, printing mistakes and/or arithmetic mistakes we are entitled to the resignation.

All prices include German VAT (19%) as well as all other levies and surcharges.

Note: The German language version of these General Terms and Conditions shall be the version used in the event any dispute arises hereunder. The English translation of these General Terms and Conditions is for convenience only and shall not be used by the parties or any court when interpreting or construing these General Terms and Conditions.