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KIND: Onlinetraining (Download)
TOPIC: Retouching
TRAINER: Calvin Hollywood
Running Time:            ca. 90 min
SOFTWARE: Photoshop CS6
TARGET GROUP:        Beginner / Advanced
FILESIZE:             1,0 Gigabyte /mp4 ffffffffffffffffffffffffff


Training „The Power of digital light“

Calvin Hollywood i back with a brand new class and this one is called: The power of Digital Light!

This is a 100% Photoshop class and its all about manipulating light, dodging and burning and much more.
Every tutorial contains a cool technique that you’ll be able to use on your very own images.

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01 Intro (01:35)
02 Theory (04:15)
03 Vignette (05:52)
04 Pointlight (04:58)
05 Lighting Effects (09:15)
06 Gradiants Part I (06:05)
07 Gradiants Part II (05:30)
08 Freaky Amazing Rays (06:10)
09 Shadow Effects Part I (05:50)
10 Shadow Effects Part II (04:10)
11 Starlight (04:30)
12 Lens Flare (05:30)
13 Adjusting Compositings (07:35)
14 Dodge and burn (17:10)
15 Outro (02:05)

The duration of the class is about 1,5 hours and after purchasing the training you’ll receive a download link to all the available tutorials.

Don’t forget , this isn’t basic training where I explain things like masks and layers; this training is for all the people out there who like to learn some freaky lighting retouching techniques.

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The retouching was done in Photoshop CS6 but 90% can as well be done in older versions of Photoshop.

We recommend the free of charge VLC player to watch the training. It is also possible to import the movies chapter wise in iTunes to watch them for example on an iPad.

If you have any questions regarding this training feel free to contact us.


You can find more of Calvin’s trainings here:

25,- EURO INCL. Taxes