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KIND: Onlinetraining (Download)
TOPIC: Retouching
TRAINER: Calvin Hollywood
Running Time:            ca. 90 min
SOFTWARE: Photoshop CS6
TARGET GROUP:        Advanced
FILESIZE:             1,5 Gigabyte /mp4


Calvin Hollywood is a Digital Artist from Germany who is one of the best instructors worldwide. He teaches his way of photography and retouching all over the world and he doesn’t mince matters.

Now he has produced his first training in English language on his own which we are proud to present to you from now on.

But before we start explaining what this training is all about we would like to start with the things it is NOT about.

- it’s not about the basics of Photoshop

- it’s not about retouching a portrait aiming for a natural look

- it’s not about learning a lot of new Photoshop techniques

What it IS about is actually quite simple:

- it’s about the combination and interaction of many single Photoshop techniques

- it’s about the retouching workflow

- it’s about a contrasty and edgy retouch in the style of Calvin Hollywood

In this training Calvin Hollywood explains how the image “BJ” was retouched step by step. This process contains several Photoshop techniques that lead to a strong and contrasty male portrait.

The training’s overall runtime is about one and a half hours. It is aimed at all Photoshop users who already know the basics of Photoshop.

Although all the retouching was done in Photoshop CS6, 90% can as well be done in older versions of Photoshop.

After purchasing the training you will get a link to the download of the whole training. Additionally, the package includes the original files, the textures and the Photoshop file with all layers.

For watching the training we recommend the free of charge VLC player.

If you have any questions regarding this training feel free to contact us.


You can find more of Calvin’s trainings here:

25,- EURO INCL. Taxes

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